5 Things That Can Help You in Fight Against Corona

Face mask and hand sanitizer Kit

5 Things That Can Help You in Fight Against Corona

face mask and hand sanitizer combo

Corona or Covid19 no longer remains a distant concept. It is here and it is now! The initial few months of denial are over. We are now slowly coming to terms to this pandemic. The biggest tool in fighting any problem is education and awareness. While not much is known about the virus, scientists and healthcare workers are working hard to find answers to many of our questions. These are testing times and many of us are at the edge of our patience threshold. However; now is not the time to worry and stress over the things we do not know. The sensible thing to do is to collect and research about the things we do know!

Here are some of our ideas on how to fight Covid 19:


Research has shown that face masks, especially Triple Layer Surgical Masks are highly potent in fighting the coronavirus. The virus passes through droplets that can be released from the mouth and the nose. A face mask prevents these droplets entering your system. On the other hand, a person with the virus can use this mask as a mechanism that prevents the droplets passing on to others. Therefore, whether you are healthy or have been diagnosed with the virus, a mask needs to be worn either ways.


Washing hands is the accepted norm by WHO but when you’re out and about, you may not have access to water and soap. Which means, you must carry a sanitizer every time you are out. Even if it means simply walking from the door to receive groceries or taking something out from the car, sanitizers are important in this fight because the virus does thrive on surfaces as well. The Pura Protekt Sanitiser is made of 70% alcohol and made with natural substances like aloevera making it most effective, and least harmful at the same time!


You have probably heard the term ‘social distancing’ more in the past six months than you have ever in your life. In fact, for most of us, this term has made a debut in our dictionary only in 2020! However; that doesn’t take away from the fact that while you are out, in the public, social distancing (minimum 6 feet or a two arms distance) is the protocol to be followed strictly. The virus is contagious and fast-spreading and human contact makes this worse!


Not that you should need a pandemic to pay attention to your health and nutrition, but it has become even more important to exercise caution now. The vaccine isn’t out and we don’t know when it will be. So, the only solution we have is to build our own immunity. In fact, taking care of yourself is no more a personal choice, it has also become a indicator of a responsible citizen. So, pick up that mat, wear your running shoes and eat more veggies! 


Cases of stress, anxiety and even depression are on a rampant rise since Covid. This clearly indicates that we all need to pay attention to our mental health as well. We are so caught up in avoiding the virus at all costs that we simply don’t have the time to listen to our internal voice. Chat with a confidante, open up about your feelings to your family, address your needs before you sink and if need be, talk to a professional. There is absolutely no stigma attached! You need not suffer in silence. 

While it may seem that this time will never end, truth is, ‘This too shall pass’. Many are saying that 2020 is simply the year of survival. However; survival need not be a bad thing. It’s what made evolution happen! Lets then consider this year as the year of evolution. It will soon be over, until then, #maskon

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