The Trendiest Gift of 2020

face mask and sanitizer gift combo

The science-backed claim behind using masks by everybody in the world to impede and reduce the transmission of COVID-19 is now widely accepted. With the current pandemic, masks are more than a basic necessity today; one can live without food but not without a mask. The purchase of masks is gaining momentum day by day and is also becoming one of the trendiest options of gifting for family and friends.

We are bringing to you masks that are not just effective but also a great gifting option too. We aim to provide the maximum level of protection and a minimum level of stress. For gifting purposes, the Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer Kit is an ideal buy. The mask included is of great quality and offers triple-layer protection with a shapeable nose wire aimed to safeguard the person wearing it from getting infected or for the purpose of protecting others.

A single Pura Protekt kit includes 25 masks and a 100 ml Pura Safe sanitizer that is made with original Aloe Vera extracts. The sanitizer is quite effective and has 70% alcohol content. This kit comes in sleek and stylish packaging keeping in mind the highest possible functionality and utility. Whether you are meeting your friends or are just going out to a public place, this kit will provide the utmost protection and let you be hassle-free.

It often happens that one forgets to carry the sanitizer and is dependent on others for it, but with the Pura Protekt kit, the task of remembering to carry one is not required anymore. The kit includes both the mask and the sanitizer, making it a complete and wholesome package for pandemic protection.

The masks included in the kit offer a higher level of protection compared to the other varieties of masks like the cotton ones or the N95 masks. Masks are not only fashion accessories but it must be kept in mind that they stay on your face for a long time, therefore wearing a mask that is comfortable to wear and easily adjustable is ideal. Often people have to wear the mask for a longer duration and these Pura Protekt masks are quite high in quality.

The Pura Protekt Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer kit is currently the best gift that you can give your loved ones and the safest one as well. For instance, you are going to visit somebody’s place and don’t know what to take along with you, this kit is the perfect solution. In the current pandemic times, the ideal gifting option is protection against this virus. This particular kit is exactly made with the aim of safeguarding its users without compromising on comfort and hence makes for the perfect gifting item. It holds and includes the most effective products to fight the virus: masks and sanitizer. You can simply place it at your entrance, put it in your cars, and carry it with you in your bags and protect yourself from the dangers associated with it.

The makers of this kit are passionate to create and protect people with their innovations when it comes to health. Pura Protekt makes use of a highly scientific manufacturing process and provides the highest quality masks and sanitizers according to the standards of health and is considered to be putting up a powerful fight against Coronavirus.

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