Your Guide to Buying Masks & Sanitizers Online

Mask and Sanitiser kit

Pandemic, pollution, and precaution – is all that is doing the rounds today. With this current pandemic, it has become so important to be safe and protected. The only way we can get going and still be safe from this deadly virus is to wear masks and carry sanitizers, whenever we go out. 

Since the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are hundreds of face mask suppliers in India that are providing surgical masks and sanitizers for the utmost protection of everybody. But in order to buy the best face mask online, you need to consider certain factors. 

There are several things that need to be kept in mind before choosing a face mask:

Depending upon the kind of profession you have and the amount of risk that you have to partake, there is a certain type of mask available that offers different levels of protection. Those who are more exposed to these contagious diseases should wear something that is highly effective because they cannot follow the concept of social distance. A triple layer surgical mask is highly effective for most cases and provides maximum protection amongst all varieties.

There are basically two types of facemasks online; surgical masks and respirators. Both these come with different functionalities, different standards, and varying objectives. Surgical masks offer protection against those infectious germs that are transmitted through droplets, whereas respirators stop one from inhaling the harmful airborne agents.

Everybody requires a different level of protection depending upon the profession, the risk, and even the regulations.

Surgical masks are disposable in nature and once used, you can carefully dispose them off. Because they are good for one-time use, they don’t need any extra care in terms of washing/sterilization. 

Durability is another factor to consider. The real effect of surgical masks stays for a maximum of 8 hours in terms of the surgical masks and hence, clear directions should be communicated by the seller. 

Another really important thing to consider is the kind of comfort that the mask is providing. Because they have to be worn for a long duration, one that gives you the maximum amount of comfort should be purchased. Triple-layer surgical masks must come equipped with a nose wire that holds the mask in place. The kind of fabric used must be light and breathable. 

Now that we know the factors that need to be kept in mind before buying a face mask, another question that pops up is why should one opt for a surgical mask?

A surgical mask is known to perform two basic functions; prevents respiratory droplets from entering into another person. Those who wear the facemask actually end up protecting the others from getting contaminated. The other function is that the person, who is wearing it, gets protected from the risk of getting transmitted by infectious droplets. 

How to buy the best sanitizers online?

Most of the sanitizers contain an alcohol concentration anywhere from 60 percent to 95 percent. This alcohol percentage is perfect for keeping your hands germ-free. Therefore, when you are looking to buy a sanitizer, look for the alcohol content in it and if it suits the bill, make the necessary purchase.

Additionally, in order to buy the best sanitizer read the information properly and carefully along with the storage instructions. An important thing to note once you purchase these sanitizers is that they should be stored in a cool, dry place and those with the best anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties should be purchased.

The best sanitizers and facemasks online are delivered to ensure the utmost protection of its users. While sanitizers run for a long time and can be carried around everywhere, surgical masks are disposable medical devices that need to be let go off in a proper manner after a single usage. 

An important guideline for wearing a mask is to cover the nose, mouth, and chin. You must never touch the masks and you should change them regularly.

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