Face Mask and Sanitizer Kit

we promise you utmost protection, highest safety standards and most importantly, your peace of mind.

Buy Face Mask and Sanitizer Kit Online India

Pura Protekt Masks: 

  • Are equipped with a Triple Layer Protection
  • Have a Shapeable nose-wire
  • Are made of Hypoallergenic and breathable fabric

Pura Safe Sanitiser

  • Have 70% Alcohol Content
  • Aloe Vera

350.00 250.00


The Pura Protekt Kit was designed keeping utility in mind. The powerful combination of 25 face masks and a sanitizer ensures your health and safety. The idea behind the Mask-Sanitizer kit is to allow you to have easy access to both masks and sanitisers at any given time of the day. For those going to public places or those who often forget to carry the mask or the sanitiser, this kit can come to the rescue. This mask sanitizer combo makes your life easier by organizing both of these in one place and looks super cool too!

25 Pura Protekt Masks + 1 (100 ml) Pura Safe Sanitiser

The Pura Protekt Kit is designed keeping in mind your safety without compromising on convenience. The mask sanitizer kit holds the two most potent products to fight the virus. Leave it at your door, put one on the dashboard of the car, or simply slip it into your handbag and you are ensured of utmost protection, at all times.

Uses of this Protection Kit

The face mask and sanitizer kit can be useful to anyone, anywhere. Whether you are visiting a loved one or going to a public place, the Pura Protekt mask and sanitizer Kit safeguards you at every step without the hassle of locating items separately.
Frequently Asked Question

Is the kit bulky?

No, it is easy to carry and lightweight, designed to fit in even small spaces like your handbag!

Is there any option to add 2 sanitizers to the kit.

No, there is only one sanitizer solution in each kit.

How many times the sanitizer can be used ?

A 100 ml sanitizer can easily last a month or two.

Is hand sanitizer effective against viruses/bacteria?

Absolutely. The alcohol content in the sanitizer is the apt amount to fight against harmful bacteria and viruses.

Will the sanitizer make my hand rough ?

We are using only the most natural ingredients such as the aloe vera extract to ensure that the sanitizer is safe to use.