Surgical face mask

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Surgical Face Mask Online India

  • The triple layer surgical mask works using a three-layer protection system.
  • The mask is of highly breathable fabric and is very comfortable to wear.
  • It has a nose wire to help you keep the mask in place.
  • The quality of our masks ensures the maximum protection compared to the other varieties available in the market.
  • The masks are available loose or in our Pura Protekt Kits.

Mask Type: 3 ply Surgical Face Mask
Sales Package: 100 Face Masks

450.00 350.00

What is a face mask?

A surgical face mask is also otherwise called a medical face mask which is proven by research to be highly effective in preventing infections. Surgical masks are worn globally by healthcare professionals, especially doctors, during healthcare procedures. All the research and current evidence shows that surgical face masks keep viruses from spreading, protecting both the wearer and the persons around the wearer. By filtering out bacteria, particles and viruses, surgical masks prevent infections. Best 3 ply surgical masks are intended for the ultimate protection of its users.

Surgical masks are made using nonwoven fabric and the triple layer surgical mask is far more effective in comparison to most other varieties of face masks. In the times of the global pandemic, face masks have emerged as the single most powerful weapon to fight the virus.

Why Triple Layer Surgical Masks?

Surgical masks are worn and trusted by medical professionals and form an integral part of the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). These masks are affordable as well as easy to wear. They offer protection against respiratory particles and are especially beneficial for one time wear. Most research globally has advocated the use of 3 ply surgical face masks for keeping infections and viruses at bay.

Buy surgical mask online at budget rates in India

Surgical masks are being sold by many companies however; we are the manufacturers of these masks and have the expertise in the healthcare field for over 11 years now. We are a trusted name in medical circles and produce superb quality disposable surgical masks that our users can vouch for. It is important to buy face masks from companies that are licensed to do as it is a medical product, after all. The benefit of buying from us also means the best in class pricing as we are the manufacturers and the wholesalers of triple layer surgical masks.
Frequently Asked Question

Can you reuse the mask?

These masks are ideal for single time use

Can the mask be adjusted?

The shapeable nose wire of the mask makes them fit into your face extremely efficiently, leaving little to no chance of it slipping off.

Are these mask made in India

Absolutely, we are a proudly “Made in India” product with our state of the art manufacturing unit based in Delhi.

Is there a chemical smell?

Not at all! These masks are made with high quality hypoallergenic fabric that has not chemical smell at all!

Can I breathe comfortably with these?

Our masks are known for their highly breathable fabric. They are light and wearable for all the users.

Is there a filter layer in the middle?

Yes the middle layer is the meltblown filter layer which is of 25 gsm and aids the mask in protecting effectively.