Pura Protekt Kit

The Pura Protekt Kit was designed keeping utility in mind. It can be useful to anyone, anywhere. Whether you are visiting a loved one or going to a public place, the Pura Protekt Kit safeguards you at every step without the hassle of locating items separately.

25 Pura Protekt Masks  +  1 (100 ml) Pura Safe Sanitiser

Pura Protekt Masks which provides

  • Triple Layer Protection
  • Shapeable nose-wire

Pura Safe Sanitiser

  • 70% Alcohol Content
  • Aloe Vera




The Pura Protekt Kit is designed keeping in mind your safety without compromising on convenience. The kit holds the two most potent products to fight the virus: Masks and sanitizer. Leave it at your door, put one on the dashboard of the car, or simply slip it into your handbag and you are ensured of utmost protection, at all times.

Experience the Pura Protekt Kit

Why Pura Protekt?






1/10th the price of Cloth/N-95 masks.


  • Expensive.

  • Recommended for front-line medical professionals only.


  • Pura Protekt Masks provide greater than 99% filtration efficiency against live particles (bacteria)

  • They provide greater than 95% filtration efficiency against nonliving particles (same as N-95 masks)

  • High breathability

  • Pura Protekt Mask complies with both Indian and European parameters as laid out by SITRA and EN 14683 respectively.

  • No set quality standards to determine what is effective.

  • Not recommended for people who are at medium or high risk such as those working together in close quarters or living in urban, semi-urban areas.

  • No testing labs to test the effectiveness of cloth masks.

  • N-95 masks provide greater than 95% filtration efficiency against nonliving particles.

  • Low breathability. (Using an exhalation valve not recommended).


  • Single-Use

  • Can be kept aside and worn again during the day.

  •  Should be replaced every 3-4 days.

  • Washing decreases the barrier provided by the cloth covering.

  • N-95 mask is also a single-use mask.

  • Given its scarcity, it can be used for a maximum for 3-4 days.

  • The original, certified N-95 is produced by very few companies which is why it is being rationed for healthcare workers.

  • Fake products without proper test certification flooding the market.

  • Please check BIS website for a list of genuine manufacturers.

How to Use:

As important it is to use the mask correctly, it is equally critical to learn the correct disposal of these masks. Properly disposing the masks will result in ecient waste management and lesser burden on our already increasing landfills and ocean waste. Steps for disposal of masks:

Wash your hands remove mask from face, be gentle so as to not disturb liquid & solid contaminants on the mask fold the mask properly making sure the contaminated part faces inward throw into a covered garbage can or waste disposal unit wash hands immediately after disposing of your mask Never put on a new face mask until you have properly washed your hands never throw your mask in a public place or an open area.

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