Things To Consider Before Buying Your Mask Sanitizer Kit

Mask Sanitiser kit

As we all know facemasks today have become a part of our daily lives and it is almost impossible to move around without carrying one with you at all times. Before 2020, the usage of masks and sanitizers was limited to specific situations like being in a hospital, during an illness, etc. Today, the demand for these masks has far exceeded the supply capacity and now facemask manufacturers in India are looking for a solution to meet these needs and demands. Another problem that many consumers face is that carrying both masks and sanitizers can be very cumbersome for people. The answer to these problems can be found in a new and unique product designed to make life very easy which is the Mask Sanitiser kit.

Let us try to explain to you how this Mask Sanitizer Kit is so great! But before that, let’s understand what a mask sanitizer kit is. It is simply a box or kit wherein both your mask and sanitizer are placed together. The Pura Protekt hit holds triple-layer surgical masks and 1 sanitizer. 

The most important thing that needs to be considered is the quality of the mask. There are a plethora of facemask sellers but not all are able to meet the standards of quality that have been approved by the experts around the world. Some of the manufacturers are even going ahead and selling fake ones or counterfeits, just so that they can make some money. Health care professionals are always at high risk and therefore, require the best quality facemasks. 

There are different types of facemasks available in the market today, wherein one type is the surgical facemask. A surgical facemask is basically a disposable facemask that ensures to cover your nose, mouth, and chin and helps protect the person wearing them from inhaling the respiratory droplets. Also, it helps prevent the transmission of infectious droplets and viruses from the person wearing it to the others. The surgical facemasks come rectangular in shape and include certain pleats and folds. The top of the mask has a metal strip for your nose. 

The concept of surgical facemasks has recently come into the forefront due to the Covid-19 pandemic, although these facemasks always existed and were made to protect against all the harmful illnesses that can be caused due to respiratory transmission. 

Facemasks are basically designed for medical purposes and are considered to be medical devices, and therefore the Government supervises their manufacturing and production. 

There are certain requirements that need to be kept in mind when you are deciding whom to buy from.

  • The Intention: The intention is to offer complete protection to the general public and the healthcare workers against harmful and deadly respiratory transmitted viruses.
  • Labeling: The labeling on the facemask should include a list of the body contacting materials, recommended use for the general public only, recommended cleaning and disinfection materials and processes and should be labeled as a “facemask”.
  • The materials can definitely not contain any drugs or other objects.
  • All the printed matter on the masks should be in sync with the other labeling elements.

Now coming to sanitizers, the primary deciding factor is the amount of alcohol that the sanitizer has. It should have anywhere between 60 to 95% alcohol, usually made of ethanol, isopropanol, or n-propane. The Pura Protekt sanitizer has 70% alcohol and is made of aloe vera extract which makes it a perfect choice. 

Apart from the basic regulations, the mask sanitizer kit you choose must be lightweight, portable, and easy to carry. The Pura Protekt Kit checks all these boxes and also comes in a cool design, making it an accessory to have!

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